Global overview of industry: attending the ACF-2012 and FIATA World Congress


The beginning of the October was filled by the events of Air Cargo and Freight Forwarding Industry. Thus, in a period 2-12 of October there were two large international forums - The International Air Cargo Forum & Exposition (ACF) in Atlanta and FIATA World Congress in Los Angeles, the USA. The delegation of Delivery World managed to attend all events, the main purpose and value of which is a global overview of industry, presentation of main trends of development, new initiatives in international regulations etc. It is hard to make long-term planning of business without knowing these vectors, so our representatives paid special attention to the conference program, in which the results and prospects of cargo industry were shown fully.

While attending the forums, they also established business contacts with the leading freight forwarders of North-American continent, studied the experience of colleagues of other countries and took part in discussion about new challenges and key opportunities of air cargo industry in the contemporary market situation. 

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