Airfreight World Has No Borders. Delivery World on International Air Cargo Forum 2014


Delivery World professionals attended the 27th International Forum and Exhibition International Air Cargo Forum 2014 (ACF 2014) that was held from 7 to 9 October in the Korean Republic’s capital, Seoul. Both events were held with support of the International Airfreight Carriers Association (TIACA). This forum is the largest in its industry in the world, and each time it is held on the different continents. In Asia the event took place for the first time since 2008, and it was the first time for Korea to be selected as the host for such events.

The global scale event unites the continents to share with its participants the gained experience and to focus on the actual issues and solutions in international airfreight.

During the forum the Delivery World’s professionals attended several seminars dedicated to the most important industry issues. One of these seminars discussed the Korean Market itself (Korean Market Overview). The participants, namely governmental and trade representatives, global exporters and importers considered and discussed every opportunity of importing and exporting South Korean goods. The said seminar was of utmost importance for us, as airfreight from South Korea is one of the largest among all airfreights performed by Delivery World.

The framework of ACF included Future Air Cargo Executives summit (FACE) that presented to the industry leaders the way and opportunities for professional growth aimed to improving the business management in terms of the rapidly changing modern world. The past summit was a kind of investment to airfreight industry’s future; the management of Delivery World attended this summit as well.

For three days our professionals held talks with the partners, established new business relations, and held several fruitful meetings with potential partners and customers. During International Air Cargo Forum 2014 Delivery World representatives exchanged the experience with foreign colleagues, learnt of new trends of the airfreight industry, and signed several new contracts for cooperation.

International forum showed its participants that global cooperation can solve existing problems and establish opportunities to achieve new heights and results, which in fact the motto of the ACF 2014 “Breaking barriers, creating opportunities”.

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