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Many International Logistics Companies are in a fear and avoid doing business or even approaching the Russia and CIS forwarding market. They are totally right; understanding the Russian and CIS market is costly - it takes years of time and plenty of money due to it complexity & corruption presented in it. Complexity of working in Russia and other CIS countries is similar to, thus even more complicated then working in Brazil due to much complex laws and regulations.


Being professionals on Russian and CIS market, we are glad to serve you on regular or on demand basis, whenever you require our service - just contact us, give us your order and we will be happy to assist you.  


Delivery World is one of the leaders on the Russian and CIS market in international air freight forwarding. We have more than 10 years of freight forwarding experience in to Russia and the CIS countries from all over the world. We are used to “unexpected” requests therefore; we have special solutions for everyone requiring “emergency” assistance in Russia and the CIS countries.We offer you proved simple one-stop solution without delays and unnecessary talks like “discussion on cooperation for achieving strategic goals”.

We will monitor and make sure that prompt, clear and effective door-to-door cargo delivery, will be performed for your customer. 

We guarantee:

  • full integration to your business processes
  • strict confidentiality
  • providing full range of services necessary for cargo delivery
  • strict compliance with the partner's instructions
  • timely information & tracking support for each cargo

You get:

  • professional & reliable partner
  • best prices based on cost, time and quality
  • partner speaking same language with you
  • guaranteed problem free organized work


Please call +1 718 3128512 or submit contact form, and our staff will answer all your questions!

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