Never too much: Delivering Bridal Dresses from Beirut to Moscow


For most women all over the world wedding is lifetime dream, and the most important and the most awaited event in the life. For many it is the chance to wear the most gorgeous dress in the life but also to feel oneself real princess. That is one of the main reasons sky is the limit when it comes to the costs.

Sometimes you do not need any special knowledge to recognize cheap dress, but here are few hacks from bridal salons that make it easier.

Quality and expensive dresses are made of expensive fabrics like satin, silk, and are decorated with real embroidery, while cheaper dresses are usually made of poor quality synthetics, and all decorating elements are glued on it. Decoration of the expensive dresses is usually handmade.

The skirt of expensive dress will be light and soft, and it will always have underskirt made of silk, while on cheap dress, the skirt will be heavy, and underskirt will usually be missing. The cheap dresses manufacturers save on fabric, and the bottom of the dress may even look transparent, it does not also preserve the shape well.

Even the color will not be the same: ivory is ivory, and white is pure white on expensive dress.

The largest bridal salons insist that it is better to rent quality dress then buy cheap copy.

It is not the first time we deliver such delicate cargo for our regular customer from Beirut to Moscow. In the beginning of August, Delivery World shipped lot of bridal dresses from Lebanese capital. The customer completes customs formalities, and soon the gorgeous dresses will be available for sale in the best bridal salons of Russia.

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