Play Like a Sheikh: Game Consoles from Dubai


Game consoles are specialized digital devices developed for video games. Usually it works with TV, and sometimes with computer monitor. As the device is connected to stand-alone displaying unit, it is called consoles. Portable (pocket) game systems have own internal display block and are not connected to anything, thus they differ from regular consoles.

Game consoles market developed in line with simple digital game systems, such as Pong, and later on it turned as powerful multifunctional game systems. Initially game consoles differed from computers by various properties – consoles were supposed to be used together with TV set as displaying unit, and did not support most of hardware created for use together with computers, such as keyboard and routers. But as game consoles developed, the difference between them and personal computers faded, and some consoles allow connection of keyboard, hard drive, and even launching of GNU/Linux OS.

In the middle of November Delivery World shipped lot of game consoles from Dubai to Moscow. Technically sophisticated and fragile cargo requires unconditional compliance with all instructions, and can be entrusted only to real experts in their business. For many years Delivery World serves bespoken guarantee of timely and safe delivery of any cargos by any routes, and unprecedented observation the tightest deadlines.

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