Sputnik V by Airfreight to Antigua and Barbuda


COVID-19 remains one of the main threads around the world. Newly invented vaccines aimed to stop global pandemic, and give hope to people that spent over a year in constant threat of the virus.

Antigua and Barbuda received 1,000 doses of Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccines from the Russian Direct Investment Fund. This is half of the amount being donated to the country, with the remainder set to arrive shortly. Prime Minister Hon. Gaston Browne and Health Minister Hon. Sir Molwyn Joseph were on hand at the Airport as the jabs arrived and expressed their gratitude. They continue to urge citizens and residents to avail themselves of the vaccines.

One thousand dozes of Sputnik V received from the customer on April 5 reached Antigua and Barbuda with British Airways flight BA2157 on April 10. No doubt, fragile and sensitive cargo requiring utmost care in handling and accurate observation of weather conditions can be handled only by real experts in delivery arrangement. Outstanding experience and expertise of Delivery World in airfreight delivery of any cargos to any destinations serves the best guarantee for our customers that every requirement will be fulfilled.

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