Russian Satellites: Sputnik V by airfreight to Antigua


Every week Russian Direct Investments Fund reports about new contracts for supply or production of Sputink V entered with even European states.

According to BBC, RDIF plans to supply Sputnik to 700 mln people abroad as it was reported in September 2020 by head of the Fund Cyrill Dmitriev.

By mid April 2021 out of produced 20 million dozes, 16 million of vaccines were in circulation.

The largest orders for the Russian vaccine were placed by Turkey planning to use 50 million dozes of Sputnik V, Mexico expecting 24 million of the vaccines that will be supplied to 9% of its population, and Argentina with expected purchase volume of 20 million dozes.

By May 2021 Argentina received 40% of imported vaccines including about 1 million of second component, that allowed to vaccinate around 12% of its population with the first doze. By middle of May, Mexico received 2.4 million dozes, and Hungary became the first country with fully discharged contract with 10 million dozes supplied, and nearly 52% population vaccinated.

In the beginning of June Delivery World shipped lot of Sputnik V from Moscow to Antigua. Shipment of such cargo requires the most careful handling, and exceptional compliance with storage and shipping conditions, and without a doubt it can be performed only by shipping company with perfect reputation. That is why Delivery World was choice of our customer, as years of our experience in organizing shipment of any types of cargoes from and to anywhere in the world serves guarantee, that the goods will always arrive safely and right in time.

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