Black Gold – Before, Now and After. Delivery World on SIPPE 2014 in Shanghai


The 9th International Exhibition of Technologies and Equipment for oil, gas and petrochemical industry SIPPE 2014 was held in Shanghai (China) from 4 to 6 December. Every year the value and the scale of this show only increase, attracting more and more experts of this industry from all over the world to visit and to take part in this show with their developments and booths. With support of the government, national and foreign companies SIPPE became one of the most important events in the oil industry in Asia.

This year around 900 companies from 40 countries of the world took part in the show that was visited by over 30 thousand of professionals, expressing interest in such important event including representatives of Delivery World. For many years our company performs international airfreight delivery of components, spare parts, materials and compact industrial units for oil and petrochemical industries.

SIPPE 2014 presented to its guest the wide range of the latest technological solutions of the industry, such as oil purification and refining technologies, gas and oil pipelines construction, industrial safety solutions for oil development, including explosive safe equipment. The exhibition also displayed modern stationary and movable laboratory complexes, controlling, testing and examination devices, generators, electrical equipment, and etc.

Three-days show resulted for Delivery World in signing several contracts with new customers for airfreight delivery of components for industrial equipment for oil developing industry from China, pipes and compression equipment, and industrial filters and oils for it from Korea, and anti corrosion materials from the USA.


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