Delivering Dangerous Cargos to Increase Work Safety. Portable Gas Analyzers by International Airfreight


Each employer wants to maintain high level of employees production, and has to establish respective working environment, and to comply with strict sanitary regulations and rules, stipulating in particular maximum allowable concentration of the various substances in the air of the working zone. If the people are present in the zone where concentration of dangerous substances exceeds stipulated maximum allowable indexes the risk of professional diseases increases dramatically and the working capacity drops down. Availability and concentration of specific gases in the air of the working zone is defined by special control and measuring devices – gas analyzers; in general there are two types of gas analyzers – fixed and portable. Portable gas analyzers are of relatively small size and light weight devices allowing to perform control and measurements in different points on site promptly moving the device to the required point of measurement.

In August on request of its customer Delivery World delivered by international airfreight the lot of portable movable gaz analyzers from Beijing to Moscow. These gas analyzers are designated for automatic measurement of concentration of Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulfide, and of the other flammable and toxic gases in the air. Gaz Analyzers were packed with batteries, charging devices, and various testing probes for measurements, requiring high accuracy when collecting air samples in isolated places. The customer plans to use this equipment for the works on ecological audit on industrial boilers, and in industrial coal and ore mining sites.

This cargo relates to dangerous cargos as these gas analyzers are equipped with lithium-ion accumulators. We complied with all the conditions for such cargos transportation, and the devices reached Moscow safely and in time.

Delivery World delivers dangerous cargos to Russia and CIS by international airfreight for more than 10 years. This type of shipments are among those that are delivered by us by international airfreight. Our customers chose Delivery World as their trusted forwarder as only with us they can be sure in reliability of airfreight for their cargos.

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