Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: Oil Purifying Filters by International Airfreight


Oil is one of the most important energy resources; it forms the ground for development of various industry sectors and transportation systems. The world's leader in oil development is Saudi Arabia, followed by Russia (Russia is number eight by oil reserves).

Everybody knows that oil is raw to produce the fuel (automobile gasoline and diesel, aviation kerosene for jet engines). Apart of fuel, oil is used to produce plenty of other valuable components, used in road construction, manufacturing of various construction, industrial, household, and even cosmetic goods, and items. All this variety of the products is received from oil processing; raw oil is almost not used.

Prior to commencement of processing, the oil as raw material is prepared, purified from water, and technical additives (sand, clay, cinder, rust, and etc.) which reduce quality of the oil processing products. Water receives most of attention – it is much more difficult to remove compared to other additives – and concentration of water in oil can reach 80%. There are many ways and instruments for oil purification; filtration is one of the most important. Should be noted, that separation of oil from water and from other additives is required not only for receiving quality oil refining products, but to exclude corruption of pipes used for oil refining.

In the beginning of August Delivery World performed international airfreight delivery of oil purification filters from Dubai (UAE) to Astana (Kazakhstan). Oil refining equipment is of demand in Kazakhstan locating many refineries; breakdown of purification filters may threaten smooth work of the enterprise in whole. The cargo was shipped safely and securely and within the shortest time. Based on the information received from our regular customer, the delivered filters are already used for oil purification in one of the oil refineries in Kazakhstan.

Delivery World is the international logistics company performing cargo airfreight delivery to Russia and CIS. There are no difficulties we cannot overcome, and therefore we are ready to undertake international airfreight delivery of any types of cargos.

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