Pure "Gold": Oil Refining and Drilling Equipment from Frankfurt to Astrakhan



Not without a reason oil is called "black gold", no developed country can exist without it.

Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia are known to have the largest oil reserves. Economy of this states is almost entirely built on oil trade. Russia is one of the largest oil suppliers in the world with the oli fields located across the country. Currently most of the hydrocarbon inland resources are located in Astrakhan region, and are the largest in the European part of the Russian Federation compiling over 6 bn of cubic meters of gas, and over 1.3 bln tons of liquid hydrocarbons. Resource base of the region includes 11 fields, 4 gas-condensate, 4 oil, and 3 gas. Three of those fields (Astrakhan GCF, Central Astrakhan GCF, and Velikoe Oil Field) have unique oil and gas reserve.

Crude oil (just extruded) is not used; yet its refining allows receiving many types of fuel, such as benzene and kerosene. Oil residue (mazut), plastic and other materials are made of oil. Oil is essential in ensuring non-interrupted transportation movement on Earth. Many of common items are also made from materials produced from oil; includes nearly all accessories of modern life, starting from plastic bags and windows, and ending with the newest computer bodies. Different technologies are applied for production of different oil products, the prices also vary. For instance, the purer benzene is, the higher it costs.

Interesting to know, that that the first oil purification plant was built in Russia in 1745 during the ruling of Elizabeth of Russia in Ukhtinskoe Oil Field. Even though St. Petersburg and Moscow were using candles, and smaller cities and towns used torches, "ever burning" oil lamps burned in the churches. Those lamps were filled with mountain oil, which in fact was nothing, but mixture of purified oil with vegetable oil. The lamps that appeared in the end of the 18th century increased demand for kerosene.

In the beginning of this month Delivery World shipped equipment for one Astrakhan's oil extruding and refining enterprises from Frankfurt (Germany). Our German partners offer clients wide assortment of equipment and technical solutions for complex tasks in oil and gas industry. We are sure in our words, as our yearly visits to dedicated events of oil and gas industry allow us to receive latest information directly from the management of the companies

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