Keys to fortune: Delivering Equipment for Oil Pipelines from Frankfurt to Karaganda



Oil is organic material (remains of living beings), the scientists believe, that it consists of micro bodies living in shallow waters 90% of which consists of phytoplankton.

The oil is known to people for over 6,000 years, its products were used in Babylon for sealing sea vessels, in Bagdad for road building, in Ancient Greece and Egypt for lightening, and in Byzantine for making "Greek fire" – firing mixture that was a powerful weapon of the time.

First, when the oil industry just came to existence, the petrol was so cheap, that many oil companies discharged it to the rivers. Nowadays oil development and refining is one of the most profitable businesses in the world. Saudi Aramco the most profitable company in the world earns about 350 bln US Dollars a year, and its net profit compiles USD 200 bln.

Nowadays one cannot imagine our life without oil products, it is used for nearly everything around us. In the middle of June Delivery World shipped controllers, valves, and other opening equipment for oil pipelines. Delivery of such important cargo can be entrusted only to professionals, that was the reason for our regular customer to choose Delivery World again. Years of work allow Delivery World to ship any complex cargoes within the shortest time.  

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