Urgent Airfreight of Oil and Gas Equipment


oil.jpgIn the beginning of November Delivery World professionals arranged delivery of the oil and gas equipment for one of our regular clients from Belgium to Russia. This time we were transporting systems for hydrogenation and hydrogen purification systems used in raw materials processing to receive the cleanest product. The equipment consists of the sets of filters, residual gases compressor and purifying complex control panel. Though freight is considered general and is transported on general conditions, yet this transportation had its own specifics, the customer requested to arrange delivery within a day from receipt of the goods at our Antwerp office's warehouse. The urgency was due to necessity to replace the old system that was removed from service.

Our specialists managed the tasks and the cargo departed from Antwerp to Moscow on the same day when it was received at our Belgium office's warehouse. According to the customer start and adjustment started in time and the new system operations will start exactly as scheduled. All this happened with assistance of Delivery World's urgent airfreight service and high qualification of our company's staff.

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