In the Depths of the Earth: Delivering Oil Drill Crowns from France to Moscow


Oil is natural resource that represents oily substance. Normally it is black, but there is brown, cherry, green, and yellow oil as well. Oil has been known to people for long. It is hard to define where the first oil field was found. The digging on the Euphrates showed that oil was extracted about 5,000 – 4,000 years B.C. It was used as fuel in that time, and oil bitumen was used for road building and reparation.

Oil was used nearly 3,000 years BC on the Middle East as fuel, for weapons, lightening, and as construction material. In that time people collected oil from the open water surface. The first wholes for oil extraction from earth were drilled on the territory of the modern China. Empty bamboo sterns were used as pipes. Construction called “Greek fire” made of oil was invented in the 7 century A.C. in Persia and Byzantium. Crossing today’s Azerbaijan in 1264 Italian traveler Marco Polo made note in his journal stating that the people of this area collect oil that is soaking from earth. The first reports of oil trading appeared approximately in the same time. In about 1500 the oil started to be used in Poland for street lighting.

In the end of October Delivery World shipped crowns for oil drilling from France to Moscow. Our regular customer has chosen our company again for its utmost attention to details, ability to arrange carriage of any types of cargos with exceptional precision, and following even the strictest deadlines.

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