Ecology for oil and gas industry: delivery of industrial equipment from USA to Russia by air


industrial%20cargo.jpgIf you suppose the oil and gas mining are the opposite to ecology we have to assure you that it is not correct. The most responsible companies of oil and gas industry are constantly improving and developing the means of mining and processing of raw materials to protect the environment. Thus, in the beginning of the December our company has finalized successfully the delivery by air of industrial equipment from the USA (Missouri) to Russia. The equipment is for control of oil mining process and emission to atmosphere and soil and also energy costs reduction. It is a compact management system which can be easily transported by aircraft. The way of delivery  - air freight forwarding – is also profitable for such goods: the speed of launching the system lets to return investment very soon. The delivery was performed as planned, the cargo arrived to Moscow on time and safely.
Our regular customer – distributor and system integrator – informed us about successful delivery of cargo to the end points (several objects of the end customer). System installation will be finished till the end of 2012 year. That means that the oil and gas company will use the environment saving and energy costs reducing technologies in the nearest time.
Delivery World has many years of experience in the field of delivery by air of industrial equipment.  You can learn more about it here. We have already informed about delivery of compact industrial complex for food industry from the USA, transportation of special SUVs for oil company in Iraq, and also about delivery of dangerous goods for metallurgy.
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