The drone’s flying to Moscow: delivery from Switzerland by air


Within the first July’s days Delivery World Co. has finalized successfully the delivery of the ready-for-fly mini-drone from Switzerland to Russia. The equipment designed for aerial photography. The transportation of the drone was performed upon request of our regular customer – the supplier of measuring and navigating equipment for mining industry.

This compact equipment, consisting of the case where is placed the ground station for control and data receiving, and the drone itself, is a valuable and a dangerous cargo at the same time. It has batteries with chemical substance which is referred to the Class 9 of IATA Dangerous Goods regulations. According to our recommendation the customer insured his cargo; and the shipper, following our instructions, provided the equipment with the necessary package. The one thing we had to take care about was meeting the deadlines. And we did it: the cargo arrived to Moscow on time and safely. Total process of the delivery has taken 2 days since the moment of receiving the request from the customer.

Our company has shipping the industrial cargoes on a regular basis from different countries of Western Europe, South East Asia and the USA. We have earlier informed you about the delivery of industrial sterilizer from China, delivery from the USA of the equipment for oil & gas industry etc. 
You can learn more about our solution of the air freight forwarding of industrial cargoes here.

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