The first pancake is not always a failure: delivery luxury goods from Milan to Moscow


Beginning of March Delivery World shipped large quantity of materials for furniture and interiors. The cargo delivered consisted of exclusive Italian textiles, top quality leather and various accessories used for furniture and interior decor.

It was urgent shipment. When we received transportation request, our customer's cargo was ready for shipment in Milan. Our task was to deliver the cargo to Moscow as soon as possible, and we succeed in it. Exclusive furniture and interior textiles safely reached Moscow just in time.

Delivered goods will be exhibited on the International Specialized Luxury and High Interiors Trade Show Luxury HITS that will be held in Crocus Expo from 18 to 21 March.

This was the first time for Delivery World to perform airfreight for this customer. We delivered the cargo observing all requirements. The first successful experience made our customer decide to establish long-term cooperation with our company. Airfreight of furniture and interior textiles, materials, and accessories to Russia and CIS (Ukraine, Belorussia, and Kazakhstan) are scheduled for the nearest future.

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