Stylish Stuff: Delivery World on Consumer Goods Show Consumexpo 2015. Winter


19 to 22 January the leading Moscow exhibition ground Expocenter on Krasnaya Presnya hosted the 31st International Exhibition of Consumer Goods Consumexpo-2015. Winter. Consumexpo is the largest Russian business ground for consumer goods industry held twice a year for many years. Traditionally it displays the novelties and main trends in development of dishware market, household goods, gifts and souvenirs, garments, leather items, and shoes.

This year Consumexpo became a real fashion, beauty and comfort party. The participants representing 18 countries of the world displayed the best industry achievements, making Consumexpo-2015. Winter one of the most remarkable and diversified international exhibitions of consumer goods, representing the perfect taste standard.

Delivery World regularly attends Consumexpo shows, and this year our experts were among multiple visitors of the exhibition as well. First of all the scale of the Consumexpo allowed us to meet the new customers from this industry, and to present our services in international airfreight to the exhibitors.

The exhibition resulted for Delivery World in conclusion of several new contracts for airfreight from Europe and Asia of consumer goods such as table ware of china and ceramic, home textiles, interior decor, garments, shoes, cosmetics, and portable electronics.Next month the first cargos will arrive to Russia, and shortly will be available for sale on the Russian market.

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