Oriental Luxury: Bridal Dresses by Airfreight from Beirut to Moscow



Bridal dress selection is one of the most important stages of wedding preparation. The bride wearing stunning dress becomes the center of the celebration, having all delighted looks on her. The bride's dress is discussed by all of the guests, as it speaks a lot of her taste and style.

Gorgeous bridal dresses that are popular nowadays appeared not so long ago. Hundred years ago bride were just wearing their best dressed. Such dresses served to show mentality and time. Usually the dress was made in advance, specifically for celebrations, and could pass from generation to generation in noble families. Red and white were most common colors for bridal dresses. White showed virtue of the lady, and red details served to protect from evil eye and forces. Slavic people till now consider red as the symbol of life. Thus, the brides in the Ancient Rome covered heads with red scarf, and red ribbons, belts, and dresses were widely used in Russia. The richer the bride was, the more expensive and luxury fabrics were used. The bride from common people made the dress with the help of her friends herself, therefore inexpensive bridal gowns of that time were decorated with a lot of embroidery, white collars and sleeves. The head was not covered by veil as now, and the bride wore chaplet or colorful ribbons. In summer the chaplets were made of the life flowers, and in winter made of paper ones.

Nowadays the name of the bridal dresses designer became important to brides to be. There are even charts for the best bridal designers of the world, headed by Vera Wang.

Vera Ellen Wang is the most popular and respected bridal dresses designer in the world. Her main atelier is locate in New York, and it is where all the most wealthy brides are coming from all over the world. Vera Wang is known for its luxury wedding collections, and couture dresses that look more museum exhibits rather than just bridal dresses; that is how amazing they look on the fashion shows. The bridal dresses created by Vera Wang are not just white, but black, dark-red, purple; she uses other extraordinary colors well.

No doubt the list of the well-known and talented designers is long, and each bride can find her own favorite. Stunning wedding dresses are made by the famous Lebanese designers Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad. Each of them includes elements of oriental luxury, splendor, and womanhood creating dresses varying from modest and closed to revealing dresses. White, silver, and pastel colors used by both designers together with embroidery and glitter create light and mystery ambiance

This month Delivery World shipped to Moscow exceptional freight; lot of wedding dresses from Beirut. The dresses are already available for sale in bridal salons of Moscow, and we hope them to become "the ones" for many ladies.

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